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For some reason when I think of characters and relationships, testing their compatibility via their sun sign is something that comes to mind. Astrology isn't something that I take very seriously, but it's always amusing to see what it says and make comparisons to your own life! Therefore, I decided to test Akihiko and Mitsuru's compatibility based on their birthdays. Mitsuru's sign is Taurus while Akihiko is Virgo. Both signs are actually earth signs, which makes them level-headed, have similar goals in life and can really understand each other. Therefore, a Taurus and Virgo will rarely irritate each other and will hardly fight. Because the couple really understands each other, this pairing is usually in a long-term relationship. Additionally, this couple is usually good friends first and therefore really like each other. They then build their relationship slow and steady and often share discipline and focus. While their relationship may not be the most "exciting" out of all the sign combinations, each partner will feel a strong sense of familiarity and comfort. Lastly, though each person feels something they lack, they also have a sense of it being made whole when they are together.

I honestly wasn't expecting to find too much of a similarity when I first looked up Akihiko and Mitsuru's compatibility. I was pleasantly surprised to read otherwise, though! I smiled when I read that Virgo and Taurus relationships usually start off as being just friends and then slowly build up to being more. Their relationships are also long-term. If a romantic relationship were to blossom between Akihiko and Mitsuru, this would certainly be what happens. They already have the solid foundation and because of their awkwardness when it comes to romance, they would likely move slow.

Romance aside, I thought the descriptions I read were rather accurate for their friendship as well. They both get along very well. Mitsuru only has the minor irritation of his impulsivity, but she is never truly mad at him. They have also been friends for a few years now and thus their relationship does have a long-term feel to it. As a result, I think they both feel a sense of familiarity and comfort with each other as well. They are used to being together because they've been working on a common goal for a long time. This also resonates with the description saying both signs are level-headed, have similar goals in life and share a discipline and focus.

I also found it interesting that both their sun signs and their Arcana take note of their union bringing a sense of being whole and balanced. I've already discussed the importance of this on the previous page, but apparently the astrology stresses this as well. Together they are complete. ♥

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