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I highly doubt Akihiko is one to concern himself over style. His priorities are basically training, eating and growing stronger. But, to be honest, he certainly does not dress like someone who is constantly training/working out. In fact, Akihiko really does have style. His winter casual outfit (image furthest to the left) is probably the most stylish of all the characters besides for maybe Mitsuru. He's wearing a fancy off-white jacket with matching pants and a dark shirt (maybe sweater?) underneath. To solidify the look, he's sporting a belt and a red scarf. All I can really say is damn, he looks nice. In all seriousness, Akihiko is clearly dressing nice. Someone with no sense of style or who didn't care how they dressed would arguably not look this sharp. Especially not a senior in high school on their days off! Akihiko's casual summer outfit (next image over) is also not something I would expect a high school boy to wear. He chooses to wear a red t-shirt with a v-neck and off-white pants. Again, his style seems to be more adult-like than the other characters. The final two images shown to the right are Akihiko in his summer and winter school uniform respectively. Rather than wearing his black jacket, he is notorious for having it swung over his shoulder. All in all, his style is arguably "cool."

Designer Comments

Akihiko's "cool" style was actually designed purposefully. In Persona 3: Official Design Works, the character designer comments on how Akihiko's concept design was simply based around the idea of a "stylish/cool senior." Further, he states Akihiko has an adult-like appearance in order to give off such airs. As noted previously, I think Akihiko's design really does exude an adult style. The designer also talks about how Akihiko became a fairly comical character (his awkward moments are pretty funny) despite intentions on designing him to be cool. However, he thought that during events like Akihiko's episode with Shinjiro, Akihiko acted "cool" and became more of a balanced character. I think this sentiment kind of reinforces why I was originally surprised at Akihiko's casual wear. At a quick glance, Akihiko seems to be mostly impulsive and eager for fights. He's also a bit socially awkward. How exactly does his design match that kind of personality, then? Well, Akihiko definitely does go through a major shift after Shinjiro's death--he becomes less comical and more "balanced" (to use the designer's words). I would argue Akihiko acts more mature and adult-like after Polydeuces gives rise to Caesar. However, he certainly never loses his almost childish "Akihiko charm." To me, the bandage that is always on his forehead is a physical reminder of his proud, honest, "crybaby" side as much as his outfits and the way he carries himself are representations of his "cool" and "mature" side. I don't know how the design team pulled it off, but they certainly struck a balance that fits his character perfectly.

On Screen

All of the characters have different poses and ways of carrying themselves on screen. Akihiko is usually sitting down while in the dorm. He is either eating ramen, repairing his boxing gloves or sitting in thought. Akihiko almost always crosses his legs while he is sitting. On days off, he can occasionally be found sleeping on the couch with a book over his face! When outside of Tartarus, Akihiko stands up tall and has his jacket over one shoulder. He even walks while carrying it that way! In Tartarus, however, Akihiko bends his knees slightly and is constantly doing a boxer bounce step with his fists near his face. Generally speaking, he certainly gives off an air of cool confidence while on screen.

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