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NAME: Mitsuru Kirijo (桐条美鶴)
BIRTHDAY: May 8, 1991
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 166 cm (5'6")
WEIGHT: "Why is this item in the student handbook?"
CLUB ACTIVITIES: Fencing Club, Student Council
PERSONA: Penthesilea, Artemisia
ARCANA: Empress "fufu, Persona is our inner selves, huh?"

Fast Facts

→ Mitsuru is the founding member of SEES. She has been using a Persona since she was a little girl.

→ Mitsuru was not born with the power to use Persona. Her "potential" was developed in a research lab.

→ As a little girl, Mitsuru requests to go see Tartarus with her father. When they are attacked by a Shadow, Mitsuru runs in front of her father and Penthesilea is awakened.

→ As her father laments, Mitsuru tells him she chose this path of atonement herself and that she will protect him with her new power.

→ Mitsuru is multilingual.

→ Mitsuru is the class valedictorian as well as the student council president. She takes her responsibility as a student very seriously and expects the other members of SEES to do the same.

→ In fact, Mitsuru will not spend time with either protagonist unless they have maxed out their academics!

→ Mitsuru is also on the school's fencing team.

→ Mitsuru's role is initially to provide support from the ground floor of Tartarus. However, her ability to see eventually reaches its limit as her Persona is more battle-oriented and she is replaced by Fuuka.

→ Mitsuru rides a special motorcycle that operates during the Dark Hour in order to get to Tartarus and other mission locations.

→ Mitsuru's element is ice. She is weak against fire.

→ Mitsuru's weapon of choice is the rapier. In the original game, however, she uses one-handed swords.

→ Mitsuru is feared (especially by Akihiko) for her threats of "execution." She does indeed carry through with them if necessary!

→ Mitsuru is not afraid to chastise Akihiko and Shinjiro for their squabbles.

→ Mitsuru calls the police in fear Junpei has been abducted when she finds his room a mess... Only to be embarrassed when Junpei walks in and informs her his room is always like that.

→ Mitsuru's room looks like a lounge. It has fancy couches, a long coffee table and a large TV.

→ Mitsuru claims to have no fashion sense. She wears whatever her family's stylist picks out for her.

→ Mitsuru has an arranged fiancé, but she has no interest in him. She only agrees for the future of the Kirijo Group.

→ After her father's death, Mitsuru decides to become the head of the Kirijo Group.

→ In the English version, Mitsuru will insert French words into her speech. In the Japanese version, she uses some English.

→ After graduating high school, Mitsuru goes to college and forms a new group called Shadow Operatives.

→ Mitsuru is voiced by Rie Tanaka in the Japanese version and Tara Platt in English.

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