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Social Link (Male)

Mitsuru is an optional social link for both the male and female protagonist. The male protagonist can date her while the female protagonist becomes like a little sister to her. In both cases, Mitsuru's social link is the Empress. In order to hang out with her, however, your academics must be maxed out (be a "genius") and you have to score the highest on the October exams. Further, Mitsuru does not have time to hang out until after the Kyoto trip. Her social link begins on 11/21 given the other conditions have been met and you can hang out with her on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. By spending time with her, the protagonist helps her through her struggles over inheritance, arranged marriage and her future. Once the link is maxed out, Mitsuru gives the protagonist her motorcycle key, which allows for the fusion of the ultimate Empress Arcana Persona: Alilat. The following depicts the male protagonist's relationship with Mitsuru.

Rank 1

Mitsuru asks the protagonist if he has some time to talk and the two go to Hagakure after school. Mitsuru attempts to get his attention subtly in order to ask about any etiquette for eating ramen. Once they begin eating, Mitsuru comments on how she thought it tasted strange at first but it started to grow on her. She calls the restaurant owner over in order to compliment the "chef" and asks what they use for bouillon. The restaurant owner clearly has no idea what she is talking about but tells her he can't let her know the recipe. Mitsuru is fine with that and suggests he sell the ramen together with rice in order to make it a "meal" so he would make more money. As if she suddenly remembered she was with the protagonist, she apologizes for letting her imagination get the best of her. She then asks him if wanting to try ramen for a long time makes her strange. Mitsuru admits she's never eaten this kind of food before and has never been to a restaurant styled like Hagakure, so she felt awkward coming by herself. Smiling, she expresses her gratitude for the protagonist coming with her and teaching her "so much about ramen etiquette." Noting the time, Mitsuru suggests they head back.


"Eat before it gets soggy."
"No, it doesn't."

Rank 2

Mitsuru and the protagonist decide to stop at Wild-Duck Burger on the way home from school. He notes that Mitsuru seems nervous and asks if it's her first time there. She informs her she's never been inside but has passed by it once with Akihiko--she knows you use your hands rather than utensils! Sighing, she admits she doesn't know much about fast food etiquette and once again expresses her gratitude the protagonist is with her. Mitsuru wonders how it is profitable to sell the food at such low prices and says she'd be interested in the average cost per unit. After apologizing for being lost in thought, she tells the protagonist she asked him out in order to express her personal thanks. Mitsuru knows she has been the hardest on the protagonist out of any of the members but she wants to make sure he knows she appreciates what he does. Mitsuru then comments on how she didn't realize it was so late already because when they are together, time seems to pass quickly. She apologizes for the inconvenience and says goodbye.


"Is this your first time?"

Rank 3

After school, Mitsuru and the protagonist go to Octopia, a takoyaki stand in the strip mall. Mitsuru clearly has never had takoyaki either, as she comments on how it is only a portion of an octopus and not the whole thing. Sighing, she says she is amazed of her own ignorance sometimes. Mitsuru continues to talk about her observations of the takoyaki and seems to be enjoying it. She is then reminded of a time when she and Akihiko walked by the stand. Suddenly, she asks the protagonist if he thinks Akihiko has been acting differently lately. She wonders if maybe he is just maturing and the protagonist asks her if that makes her happy. Mitsuru explains that it can be difficult to get over the past after all they've been through and she is very impressed with how Akihiko tries to learn from his experiences anyway. She tells the protagonist that when she looks at Akihiko, she is reminded of so many things about herself but she doesn't know why. Suggesting it's anxiety, Mitsuru turns serious and wonders if it's because she's the only one not growing. Mitsuru tells him to forget the conversation and apologizes for having to listen to her "incoherent ramblings."


Ask her to treat you.
"Does that make you happy?"
"Maybe you're anxious."
Agree to forget about it.

Rank 4

Mitsuru asks the protagonist to accompany her to the library in order to do some research. Seemingly troubled, she comments on how they don't have long to spend together like this and soon they will be looking back at their time nostalgically. When the protagonist asks if something happened, Mitsuru says she is tired and not to worry about her. She seems annoyed, however. Mitsuru tells the protagonist she has been faced with many problems since her father died. She is worried about her inheritance, the future of the Kirijo Group and the expectations of everyone involved. She likely will be unable to attend college or begin another profession. The protagonist notes she looks unusually timid. Mitsuru then asks him what his thoughts on marriage are. She laughs to hear him say marriage is the result of love, as she is unable to make decisions based on her emotions. To her, marriage requires an agreement that is carefully considered between both parties. Mitsuru tells him she views marriage as a social contract because you are linked to each other's social backgrounds as well. Her parents' marriage was arranged for strategic reasons, but they slowly fell in love over time. She doesn't think their scenario was unfortunate because "love comes in different forms." Mitsuru asks him if she disagrees and sadly says if she had one more chance to talk to her father, she would ask him. The library begins to close and Mitsuru laughs saying she isn't setting a good example as the Student Council President by talking there. They leave the library and head back to the dorm.


"Did something happen?"
"It's the result of love."
"That's a tough one."

Rank 5

Mitsuru and the protagonist go to the movie theater after school. She is amazed at how easy it is to go see a movie and informs him she had been eager to see a film in an actual theater. Even though they sat at the end of the aisle, she could see perfectly. Mitsuru is even intrigued over the thought put into the design of the theater. She thanks him for coming with her because she had always been too uncomfortable to go by herself. Mitsuru then states how Yukari probably isn't the type of girl who would feel inhibited to go to the movies by herself and would be better suited to ride a motorcycle. He questions her about the motorcycle and she explains it is the one she used while giving support to the team originally. However, she didn't buy it only for that purpose. For her, it is a "modest attempt" at rebelling against her restricted life. She can go wherever she wants, whenever she wants, by herself. She ended up getting the damage to it repaired because she enjoys riding it when she has free time. The protagonist suggests they go for a ride together. Mitsuru laughs, wondering if he can even ride one or whether he'd have to sit on the back. Either way, she says it would be fun. After thanking him, she asks if they can stay a little longer before heading back to the dorm.


"I'm glad you enjoyed it."
"A motorcycle?"
"Let's go for a ride."

Rank 6

The protagonist decides to accompany Mitsuru to the library in order to help her with her research once again. Noticing her looking at the bookshelf, he asks if he can get a book for her. She thanks him and comments on how she's noticed there are far fewer books on family life and marriage than romance novels. Mitsuru wonders if that implies the time before marriage is the most exciting part of life and if marriage is really worth the sacrifice. She admits the Kirijo Group is struggling over the inheritance and she is having a hard time assessing what the others expect of her. Regardless, she is expected to lead the company as the daughter of the head of the group. Mitsuru confides in him that a fiancé has been chosen for her. He is the president of one of their affiliates and is much older than her. But if she agrees, the company's future will be secure and they will seem like they are stabilizing to the public eye. "It's the best solution for everyone involved." Mitsuru forces a smile and tells him he is the only person she's told about the engagement. She won't run away because her parents chose the same path. The protagonist tells her she should reconsider. Mitsuru laughs and asks what she would do instead--go on a journey of self discovery? Suddenly serious, she asks if he would come with her if she did. Laughing again, she assures him she's joking. Mitsuru then expresses her concerns about them meeting together alone. She knows she has to follow her decision, but talking with him has made her lose her resolve. She blames him for making her feel this way and excuses herself to leave.


"Can I get a book for you?"
"That's news to me!"
"You'll have to reconsider."

Rank 7

Mitsuru and the protagonist go to Wild-Duck Burger after school. She comments on how she's acquired a taste for fast food, but changes the subject to the last time they talked shortly after. Mitsuru asks him to forget about what she said because there is no point in worrying about it when they "sleep under the same roof." Further, Mitsuru says she needs to confirm her decision...but looks away sadly. Putting a smile back on her face, Mitsuru asks him if he wants to see how many places they can visit in one day. After he agrees, she says they should visit all the restaurants he introduced her to in order. She can go anywhere as long as he is with her. Mitsuru thanks him and says they will make memories that will last forever. They spend the rest of the evening together and then return to the dorm.


"Let's do it!"

Rank 8

After going to the movie theater, Mitsuru and the protagonist sit on a nearby bench next to a fountain. Smiling, she tells him she has wanted to see that movie for a long time. She especially liked how the characters expressed their emotions and the main character sacrificed everything to go on a journey with his friends. Since he eventually decided to return to his normal life, however, she wonders if he regretted his decision. Mitsuru turns to the protagonist and asks if he's ever thought of going to a place far away where no one would know him. She is surprised to hear that he has. Mitsuru clarifies her feelings by saying she doesn't wish to leave everything behind. Rather, it's easy to become tied down by the things that are important to her. She admits that sometimes she feels shackled by her family name due to the weight of all the things she has to worry about. Mitsuru suddenly becomes irritated with herself, saying this sort of thinking isn't permissible and she has become undisciplined by complaining so much. In fact, she is probably boring him with all her "griping."

Blushing, Mitsuru asks him what he would think if she hypothetically told him she was interested in someone and even though she can never be with him, she can't stop thinking about him. Would that be wrong? He tells her he doesn't think it would be and she begins to stumble on her words while trying to tell him something. She is interrupted, however, by her fiancé showing up. He tells her he's been looking for her and that they are leaving. Mitsuru stands up and protests by saying she didn't make plans with him today. He responds by telling her he is a busy man and therefore she has to adjust her schedule to his. Looking at the protagonist, she insists she has plans and he tells her to break them because she doesn't have anything more important to do than spend time with him. Further, she is to be his wife and be obedient. He sighs and complains about how difficult her family is but is glad her father is dead. Mitsuru is mortified and furious that he would even suggest she felt the same way as him regarding her father's death. The protagonist stands up and intervenes, which seems to make her happy. Before turning to leave, he reminds her corporate management isn't "child's play" and she needs him no matter how smart she is. The company needs him to survive. Mitsuru reluctantly agrees to follow him, wishing the protagonist hadn't seen their dispute. He runs after her fiancé in order to stop them. Naturally, the man gets angry and yells about how Mitsuru would have to pay if he had hurt him. Her fiancé tells the protagonist to know his place in society because he isn't fit to interact with people like Mitsuru and himself. He continues to berate the protagonist and she finally yells at him to stop. If he insults the protagonist, he is also insulting her. There is no way he could possibly compare to the protagonist because he lives life on his own terms and has taught her to not fear the future. Mitsuru then says she wants to be with him now and forever. She refuses to apologize and once again states she wants to be with the protagonist because he cares about her and how she feels. Mitsuru demands for him to leave and never be in her presence again.

After the ex-fiancé runs away, the protagonist turns to face her. Mitsuru's face goes red and she runs away before anything else is said.


"No, I don't think so."
Say something to the guy.
Grab her fiancé.

Rank 9

Mitsuru leads the protagonist to the roof of the school and tells him no one will interrupt their conversation because she used her authority as the Student Council President to ensure it. She turns to face him and says she needs to apologize for the other day. The protagonist tells her it made him happy and her face goes red. Even so, she seems very happy to hear his words. She again apologizes, but this time for running away after saying how she felt in front of so many people. She had been planning to tell him how she felt... Mitsuru continues by telling him he's opened a new world full of happiness and surprises to her. She can't stop thinking about him. She says "I like you," and immediately tells him she feels like she's going to die of embarrassment. But, she couldn't hide it from him any longer. Mitsuru smiles and comments on how free she feels now that she told him. He's very special to her. However, because of her situation, she can't let anyone know about it. The protagonist closes the distance between the two of them and she blushes. Mitsuru says she wants to call him by his first name when they are together, even if it's awkward. She tells him to take good care of her and to stay with her for just a little longer. They talk for hours and then return to the dorm separately.


"That makes me happy."

Rank 10

Mitsuru and the protagonist sit together on the couch in her room. She looks around and voices her feelings of self-consciousness about how it looks like a second lounge. Laughing, she explains that is what Yukari always says. They talk for hours until Mitsuru remembers she has something to give him. She hands him the key to her motorcycle saying she no longer plans to run from the future. Therefore, her motorcycle doesn't have to be an escape for her feelings anymore. Now she wants to ride with him. But, he will have to ride on the back until he gets his license! Mitsuru looks forward to when they are done fighting so she can teach him how to operate it. She says his first name and blushes while doing so. It's embarrassing, but when they are alone no one can hear her. She tells him his name is special to her and it'd be the first word out of her mouth if she were in danger. Blushing harder, she says she wants to be together a bit longer tonight and asks if he'll stay with her. The protagonist closes the space between them and they spend a long time together.


"I can ride a motorcycle."

Christmas Eve Date

If the player chooses to do so, he can go on a date with Mitsuru on Christmas Eve. After school, she comes to his classroom and says she hopes he didn't invite anyone else. Mitsuru says she's in the mood for a quiet evening but she will let him pick where they go. He decides to bring her to the mall, which is decorated for the occasion with many lights. Mitsuru is amazed at the decorations. She tells him she's seen Christmas decorations before but these are just so beautiful. When he says she is beautiful, she blushes and asks him to stop teasing her. She asks him if he wants to walk around a little and they take a stroll while enjoying the lights. Once they take a break on a bench, Mitsuru comments on how nice it is to walk around and talk with him. Normally she would be stuck at a business party talking to CEOs and presidents. Mitsuru then hands him a bottle of champagne as a Christmas present. Smiling, she tells him she specially ordered it for him and hopes they can share it someday. The protagonist then has a choice to give a gift in return. Mitsuru is especially fond of antiques and will be very happy if he gives her something from that category. She thanks him and says she will cherish the gift forever. Mitsuru notes how calm and peaceful she feels thanks to him. Suddenly, though, she blushes and tells him she gets a little jealous whenever she sees him having fun with Yukari or another girl. However, that makes her realize how she truly feels. She never imagined she could be this happy! More time passes and Mitsuru notices how late it is getting. Looking a bit sad, she wishes watches didn't exist when they were together. She wonders out loud what a feeling like that might mean and gets embarrassed under his gaze. They spend the rest of the evening together.


"I think you're beautiful."

Rooftop Scene

If the player thinks he hears Mitsuru's voice after speaking with Aegis on the rooftop, she will be the first to reach him. She wonders if he remembers everything...their nightly battles, the miracle that happened and how they felt about each other. She expresses how angry she is at herself for forgetting it all because she lived without a care in the world for an entire month. During that time, she ignored the most precious person in the world to her. Mitsuru then hugs him tightly. She starts to ask him to forgive her, but says it doesn't matter because she has no intention of letting him go. They will just have to build their love again from scratch. They both hear footsteps and voices of the others approaching. Smiling, she informs him that everyone else is worried about him as well. The protagonist feels his eyes getting heavier and is no longer able to keep them open. He hears Mitsuru say, "Come what may, we'll be together" before whiting out.

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