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The Empress: Mitsuru Kirijo

Mitsuru is a senior and Student Council President of Gekkoukan High. She always has the highest grades on exams and is studying college level material despite being in high school. She is beautiful, rich and extremely intelligent. She is also the only daughter of the well-known Kirijo Group. While popular with many students, she is intimidating because of her professional and calm demeanor. Mitsuru is very reliable, meticulous and hard-working. She is the founding member of SEES and therefore holds the group's functions and members as her number one responsibility. No person is an island, however. Underneath a collected and almost perfect exterior, Mitsuru holds the weight of the world on her shoulders. Is she nearing her breaking point...?
THE BASICS — profile and fast facts
DESIGN — style, observations and designer comments
PERSONALITY — icy, motherly figure
HER RESPONSIBILITY — weight of the world
ESCAPE — a small taste of freedom
BUSINESS WOMAN — struggling with gender
YUKARI TAKEBA — learning to ask for help
RESOLUTIONS — developmental turning points
ARCANA — inner self revealed
PERSONA — inspiration behind Penthesilea and Artemisia
QUOTES — memorable lines
EQUIPMENT — rapiers
ATTACKS — emphasis on ice and healing

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